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Parents dealing with a teenager in crisis are faced with many difficult decisions. Deciding on the appropriate treatment program and how to get your teenager to this program is the beginning of these difficult decisions.

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Clinical Transport

A licensed agent to escort the patient / addict to and from treatment centers or hospital

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Adolescent Transport

Parents dealing with a teenager in crisis are faced with many difficult decisions.

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Our Obligation is to you and your family

A wide range of customer services to assist in making cost effective use of a product

Company Overview

Clinical and Behavioral Transport provides oversight and full-service Clinical and Behavioral health crisis management solutions through its designated crisis transport response team called the MASItransport Response Team. The MASItransport Company at your request, will make recommendations for hospitals, treatment centers and/or wilderness programs to evaluate individual patients in crisis and recommend appropriate referral sources as well as provide expedited transports to inpatient psychiatric and/or behavioral facilities for patients needing such services. The MASItransport Response Team is staffed by state licensed, qualified professionals, also experienced in crisis intervention training (C.I.T.).


A Message from Lee Pace, CEO of My Armor Services Transport

We are excited to be able to refer local healthcare providers to provide care and superior mental health crisis management services to the Greater Houston area and beyond. Many years providing this service in the city of Houston Texas. I consider myself fortunate to be able to lead this effort to offer hope and a chance to heal for the thousands of adolescent patients that find themselves in emotional crisis every year. We are dedicated to providing the best crisis response transport solutions to this community. It is our passion and desire to utilize every available means to address the growing need for more mental health crisis intervention strategies. We understand the challenge that hospitals, treatment centers and drug rehabilitation centers face when attempting to treat both clinically and emotionally complicated situations in one setting. Our main goal is to improve response times and refer the expediency with which we recommend to determine a treatment plan for each patient from triage to discharge. Please feel free to contact us directly by calling our response line or email us. We look forward to meeting and exceeding every expectation you have when you choose to utilize us in providing superior clinical and/or behavioral health crisis solutions.

Lee Pace – CEO, PPO, PI – My Armor Services Transport

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